50 Gifts for Mom in 2020: The Best Gift Ideas for Mothers

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What will be the best to give to Mom? Have you got a better idea than flowers? Or, may you want to check out our list?

For the women who is the most important in our lives, there can’t be anything enough to convey our love to her. However, there are still some ways to express your caring and gratefulness, that’s by gifts.

But forgetting about candles and flowers, they are too traditional and may reveal that you invest no time in seeking.

We have 50+ recommendations that will give you some extra out-of-the-box gift ideas for her in holidays.

So, boys and girls, what are you waiting for?

Scroll down and look up for top mother’s day gift ideas and move her heart by your caring and sophistication!

What daughter should give their Moms?

Multi-functional Hair Dryer

Do you notice that moms usually have no time to dress up? Well, family takes up too much of her time. Let make it easier for her with a multi-functional hair dryer which can dry and style hair in light speed.

For sure that you can double her confidence and also her love! 


Humidifier is so cool that your mom could be so attached to it every night. This little thing can produce comforting scent with humid in the room. The fragrant smell will lead her to sleeping more easily and comfortably.  According to Luxury Home Stuff, the Aprilaire 700 is the best one among twenty models of humindifiers and i think it’s a honest review.

Bath Bombs

Giving a bath bombs then you suddenly become a thoughtful and sophisticated child. Why? Because bath bomb could never be in your list of gifts for mom. Bath bombs are extra from fragrant shampoo. It will bring more joy to her in her private time.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Again with bathing hour, is there anything more comforting than bath bombs?

In case your mom doesn’t fancy bath bombs, a bathtub tray could bribe her. A tray like this can hold book, drinks and phone so she can have enough entertainments during enjoying the bath. 

A wooden one will be an elegant choice.


Mother is defintely a better picker in terms of coats, but not for her own. Let’s help her!

A coat with more packs will be so mother-styled. But importantly, it needs to be warm and convenient enough.

Scented candles

Unlike the flameless candles on this site, All mothers love scented candles so it cannot be wrong. The thing is you need to find her favorite scent. 


Another idea from mother gifts from daughter’s list. This is so mother-daughter things and she would feel sweet at heart at the time opening this box of underwear.

Mason Pearson hair brush

Not a normal hair brush, this one is specially to avoid hair falls- a problem of middle-aged women. She will thank you always for giving her such a solution.

Hand cream

As a woman, hand cream is essential no matter of age. Especially, for mothers are busy to take care of cooking, children and gardening, hand cream will become such a thoughtful gift.


Unlike to other skin-care products, serum is easy to pick and most of the time, serum is favorite by middle-aged women. So serum could be one of gifts for mother from sons even though boys don’t really know about the beauty’s world.

What sons can give to Moms?

Smart watch

A smart watch that can keep an eyes on her activities, heart rate and temperature will be a great gift. She will surely know how much you love her by showing that you care about her health.

Black pants

If boys think they can never choose mother’s clothes, they are so wrong. Black pants can be a safe and never-fail option. Who woman doesn’t need black pants? No one!

Vibrate key chains

After the birth, mothers will suffer absent-minded. So a vibrating key chain which can connect to phone by apps will help her a lot in staying organized.

Smart mug with temperature control

That is just a mug but you can make the gift more special by the temperature control function.

Polaroid Camera

Everyone likes taking pictures of people they love, your mom shouldn’t be an exception.

A polaroid instant camera will win her heart. This little machine can produce vintage photos in 5 seconds. It will save your mom’s time in collecting pictures for family albums.

What gifts can comfort Moms?

House decor book

In case you have sent her cookbook every year, house décor book will be a great replacement.

Book to calm down

Sometimes, a book of mediation will be all what she need for holidays.


Perfume is such a sophisticated gift that acquires you to have knowledge about your mom. Why not?


Why don’t you send your loving words in a bracelet? She would wear it all the time.

Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

Sunglasses? Yes, we are serious, no kidding!

A new pair of fashionable sunglasses with proper protection will show your mom your sincere love to her. It’s not a jewelry but a pretty necessary accessory that every woman needs.


A pillow might be all what she wants at this moment. A good pillow doesn’t need to have silky cover or fancy decorations but it is supposed to be fluffy enough to keep her neck from ache.

If she can have a good sleep, it’s worthy, right?

Foot Massager Machine 

You can easily spot what she lacks or wants to replace by observing things around the house. But a foot massage will be such a breakthrough in idea. She will love it for sure.

A massage machine keeps her relaxed after exhausting days, energize her up. The next morning you will see her in bright smile with no signal of tiredness. 

Could anything be more satisfying?

Furry Warm Slippers

She has been taking care of the family so well that she forgot herself. Let’s be a good child by reminding her that she deserves comfort also by giving these fluffy and deadly comfortable house shoes. She faces no cold feet this winter thanks to you.

Weighted duvet 

If you complain about your duvet, then we’re sure that new-brand one will be available on your bed the next day. How big mother’s love is!

But, little did you know that mother never dare to spend money on her own comfort of sleeping although she wants it so bad.

Just help her sleeping time filled in with a warm duvet in this winter.

Roller Massager

Sometimes, let’s be considerate about her beauty. But choosing cosmetic will be not a good idea because it’s hard to find out which kind of cosmetic is good for a person.

But a facial roller massage is not a picky tool.


A silky pajama set will lead Mom to sleep better after a long working day. More than that, pajamas are elegant for such a woman.

Gel heel sleeves 

They are unlisted things but your mom needs them. A pair of gel heed sleeves will help soothing feet’s pain after a whole day she had to walk back and forth on high heels.

Ball chair for gymnastics

If your mother doesn’t have time for going to gymnastic or other sports, a ball chair will be helpful. It lies in the house and gets ready always for simple work-out. 

Amazon Kindle

Kindle is very popular for young children. But today, mothers also need kindle for reading news, books and access to thousands of house books which they set an eyes on the shelf.

Herb gardening kits

If she loves spending times in kitchen, let’s make the space brighter with some herbs. Herbs are even useful for her cooking so she will definitely love to have them in sight.

Bubble foam bath

Along with bath bomb, bath foam also helps in relaxing. It’s very a mother gifts from daughter because women love chilling in bathtub so much.

Tea set

Noticing that mom needs more time to chill? But making tea also takes up her time. Hence, a tea set will be such a help from which she can enjoy many kinds quickly.

DNA revealed

It’s extraordinary option we have to say. This machine will give her a chance to know more about her gene, ancestor and family’s root.

A take-away cashmere blanket

Moms are busy but she still needs to get away sometimes. Let’s help preparing for her relaxation by shopping a cashmere blanket. “Mom! You deserve the best rest!”

Yoga Mat

Your mom might don’t care about what yoga mat she is using. They are all the same, the mats. 

But if you can find out a quite high-quality mat with patterns that represent her personality, it will be so nice. She would cry for your effort in finding it out.

What gifts makes her life easier?

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle which promises to make tea with no effort will make your mom happy. We’re sure about that because this thing plays such a helpful role in her daily routine. What can make a mom happier than having more time with her family and herself. Click here for more reviews of electric kettles on the market.

Smart Speaker

Do you spend time talking to your Mom every day?

You’re a good child if you do. But if not, we understand that you have schools to attend and office to go. In that case, a smart speaker will be such a brilliant gift which can befriend with her when you’re not home.

Smart speaker can play songs, read news and follow easy order in relation to Alexa. 

Who said housewives don’t need high-tech?

Wake-up Light 

Waking up in the morning by an alarm is no one’s favorite, including tolerant mommies. So, how can we help them with such a personal routine?

This wake-up light is what we found. It is a lamp combined with alarms. At night, comfortable light infuse from this lamp will help people with sleeping and the brightness is supposed to change to support sleeping pattern. Alarming is provided with level so you can wake up at ease. No annoying phone’ alarming every morning.

Smart Writing Set Pen

An electronic writing set will be unpredictable gift set that mother never thinks of. But she will love it for sure.

No paper and pen are messed. she doesn’t have to keep note books away from bunches of chores which she will forget where she put.

Hands-Free Hair Drying and Turban

Coming back with all mother’s issue- limited time. So, a hands-free hair dryer in turban design will be her favorite.

This one keeps hair on top with a dryer working whilst her hands are free to do anything else but not holding a hair dryer.

Automatic Charger

Keep updating your mom with high tech device will bring out her joy. An automatic charger will a good try.

She will waste no time in finding cable and guarding charging phone from kids. This one is totally convenient and absolutely beloved.

Map-styled cutting board

Let’s make her cooking time filled with joy by this unique cutting board. It’s a map with actual names on. “How amazing to cook on it!” she might think.

Robot vacuum

Keeping her at ease from chores, robot vacuum will gain her love for sure. for more vacuum like this, read this review.

Smart yoga mat

We elevate the yoga mat idea a little by this smart function, in case you have more budget to spend. This one can roll automatically so it saves her back.

What’s for love-cooking Moms?

The Instant Pot Cookbook

Mom can be anyone including a professional cook. However, a cookbook sometimes helps when she has no idea what’s for dinner today.

An instant pot cookbook is a-minute solution which helps her right in time. 

With hundreds of recipe for instant home-cooked meals, you freed your mom from every-day crisis of thinking of menu. She will appreciate it for sure.


Have you ever notice how old your mom’s apron is? Pretty old we guess but she never minds buying a new one.

A white new apron will be a courage to her for better time in kitchen.


We are talking about a book of foreign cuisine such as Asian dishes. Mothers always want to discover the world of culinary.

Inspring cookbook 

An inspired cookbook will be with her in the kitchen with not only recipes but also stories of author who is also woman and loves being a woman. By giving this, you’re saying how amazing your mom as a woman and she should be proud of it.

Mulled wine kit

Too much work for her in Christmas to think about mulled wine? Why don’t you give her a hand with a mulled wine kit? She will appreciate it a lot.


Mom always deserves the best. But coming up with an idea is first of all to do if you want to get her the best. We hope the list helps.

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